SportPAD Help

  • 22 Mar

    Captains Guide - Updating your Scores

    Updating Your Scores

  • 22 Mar

    Captains Guide - Online Registration

    Online User Registration

  • 21 Mar

    Captains Guide - Joining Competition

    Joining a league

  • 22 Feb

    Managing Members and User Accounts

    Member Accounts

  • 22 Feb

    Add New Teams

    Teams are quick and easy to create all they need is a Name, Captain (selected from the members) and an optional kit colour.

  • 22 Feb

    Tournament and League Setup

    SportPAD allows leagues, tournaments and one off events to be created. It also uses a template system which allows for quick replication of a competition to save time.

  • 22 Feb

    Competition Entrants

    SportPAD allows instant allocation of entrants to competitions and auto generation of divisions. The competition entrant’s page lists all available entrants and current entrants side by side …

  • 22 Feb

    Creating Divisions

    There are two ways to create divisions in SportPAD. You can auto generate and populate them or manually create them and assign entrants.

  • 22 Feb

    Generating and Scheduling Fixtures

    SportPAD automatically generates fixtures at the click of a button based on the information previously set in your competition and division settings. When you’re ready all you need to do is …

  • 22 Feb

    Re-arranging Fixtures

    Changing fixture date: Each fixture has a calendar icon, clicking it will pull up a calendar. Select the date and time you would like to move the fixture to and click done. This will add a refresh …

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