22 Feb

Updating Sport Results

Editing Scores: Each fixture has a score box for each team. Enter a score into each box and it will automatically save and turn green when you click off.

Defaulting Scores: If your preferences allow default scores (see Sport Preferences), two shield icons will display when you hover over a fixture. Clicking this for the team that is defaulting the game will automatically set the result.

Bonus and minus Points: If your preferences allow bonus points (see Sport Preferences), clicking on the grid icon will pull down a section where you will be able to add your bonus and minus points in the same way you add scores.

Publishing Scores: After adding scores and bonus points, clicking the publish points button will update all league tables and tournaments. Results will not be visible on the front end site until results have been published. Please note that if a division has a disputed score against it the results will not be published until it is resolved.

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