22 Feb

Creating Divisions

There are two ways to create divisions in SportPAD. You can auto generate and populate them or manually create them and assign entrants.

Auto generation: Once you have added all your entrants in the step above you can auto generate your divisions. This will use the settings from your competition to generate the appropriate number of divisions and distribute your entrants between them (this can be amended after in needed).

Auto Generation can be done from the Competition Entrants page. Enter a prefix name and this will be incremented for each division created. E.g. if you use ‘Division’ as your prefix then they bill be created as Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, etc.

Manual Creation: To manually create a division follow the Add Division button on the competition page. Hear you can set the division properties, which are similar properties to the competition page but will override them if different.

  • Founded: Set the date the competition was created.
  • Division Start Date: Fixtures will start from this date.
  • Venue Details: This works in the same way as the venues set in the competition. If they are set here they will override any set in the competition. E.g. if only one division is selected in the division setting but more are selected at competition level, only the one division set at division level will be used.

  • Min & Max Entrants: The maximum and maximum number of entrants allowed to join the competition. This will override any set in the competition

  • Rating: level of division (1 being top). This is used when promoting and demoting teams at the end of a season. E.g. If promotion and demotion is set to ‘two’ in the competition settings, two entrants from the division rated 1 will be demoted to the division rated 2, and two entrants from the division rated 2 will be promoted to the division rated 1. Divisions will also be displayed in this order.

Division Participants: If divisions have been created manually or if you would like to move entrants between divisions you can use this feature.

Adding entrants to a division: If a division has been added manually, entrants will need to be added. All competition entrants will be listed on the left hand side and can be dragged and dropped into the appropriate division.

Moving entrants between divisions: Before fixtures have been generated you can move entrants between divisions just by dragging and dropping into the desired league.

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